Brewer's Street

Red sign in 28 taps, 1500 square meters of parquet, A-rights, rock ‘n roll… What is it?

It is the 1000-seat Brewer’s Street linked to the F-Stage, Licensed premises on the big scale. Nowadays you can watch the Hifk doings in the trough with a description of the bar’s plasma. At the same time you can enjoy refreshing drinks, whom we serve directly at your table.

Brewer’s Street is perfect for organizing 200 to 1000 private events and there is room. The panoramic windows of Brewer’s Street offers stunning views of the Töölö Ball Fields and the Finnair Stadium.

Did you know, that Brewer’s street services always also after hockey-matches. You can follow the post-Mats press conference on Brewer’s Street screens. Avoid traffic and taxi lines – play aftermaths at Brewer’s Street.