Good to know


The Helsinki Ice Hall concert events has organized cloakroom services. Cloakroom is located near the entrance. Cloakroom price is 3€/person and an extra charge is 1€.

At the cloakroom you can pay by cash or by card.

Prohibited articles and substances at Helsinki Ice Hall

Articles and substances prohibited by law are prohibited in the Helsinki Ice Hall.

In addition, no food or drink can be brought to the Helsinki Ice Hall.

Prohibited articles, substances and food will be removed at the entrance check.

The event organizer may set other restrictions for the access to the event, like important bans for photography and storage devices.


Parking at the Helsinki Ice Hall events is chargeable.
Parking cost is 12€ at the events. Please note that there is a limited parking space!

At other times the parking areas of the Helsinki Ice Hall are 4h with a parking disc