Flea market

Helsinki Ice Hall is also traditional place for flea market.

We organize flea markets at saturdays and sundays 9 am-13.30 pm, if there’s no other event in the Ice Hall.



Checklist for Flea Dealers

1. Booking

The venue is booked online and the payment is made immediately upon booking (15min reservation). You can book up to 2 tables at a time.
Old system passwords are no longer in use. The re-registration will be made with the first payment, after which the password will be emailed.

2. Prices

Saturday 27 € and Sunday 30 €

3. Racks

We also rent racks. Daily rent is € 5 + € 5 deposit. The racks are reserved locally and paid in cash.
There are no hangers for rent in the ice rink.

4. Admission time

On the flea market day, the doors will be opened to sellers at around 7.45

5. Table reservation on site

Tables can also be booked on the day of the flea market if the date of sale is not fully booked. The only means of payment is cash.

6. Sizes and Locations

The size of the sales table is 100 x 240 cm. The table map is indicative, so tables may be slightly different. Only one small extra table fits near your original sales table (max 1m x 1m) OR one rack next to the sales table! The length of the rack must be max 2m.

7. Cancellation of reservation

You can cancel the table reservation by email to toimisto@helsinginjaahalli.fi (name, table number, date of sale).
Cancellations must be made no later than 14:00 on the Thursday preceding the date of sale. After that, cancellation is not possible. The table can be given to a third party (eg in case of illness).
If the cancellation arrives on time, we can transfer the reservation to another sales day by the flea market. Maintenance of the flea market confirms the cancellation by email and searches for a new table. We will not refund the table fee.
The canceled booking must be used within 6 months.

8. Food

Selling food is forbidden.

9. Pets

Pets are not allowed on the flea market.

Is there a phone number you can call?

Unfortunately, not. Flea market reservations or cancellations cannot be made by phone.

How do I know my table reservation has been strengthened? Where can I find the table number?

You will receive a sign-in link to manage your subscription via email. There you will find all your reservations. If the payment has gone through then your reservation is valid.

How do I know if the cancellation has been successful?

Maintenance of the flea market acknowledges the cancellation by email.

How do I book a cancellation place?

Cancellation points will be sold online. They cannot be booked over the phone and there are no cancellations
the possibility of waiting

When will the sales dates be published?

Sales Days are published immediately as soon as there are no other events at the same time.

Can I leave the goods for the night if there is a table reservation for consecutive days?

If there is a table reservation for both Saturday and Sunday and there is no game or other event in the ice rink, the goods can be left at your own risk at the point of sale for the night.

Parking during a flea market?

Parking is free for 4h / reel.